Ticino leading innovation in Europe


Ticino leader di innovazione in Europa

The 2021 issue of the European Innovation Scoreboard, published by the European Commission, named Switzerland as the most innovative country in Europe. The Confederation achieved the status of "innovation leader", scoring higher than all 27 EU countries in each of the seven indicators used to determine the ranking. Switzerland's strengths include attractive research systems, human resources, and intellectual assets.

On the regional level (Regional Innovation Scoreboard), Ticino was also classified as an "innovation leader", ranking second in Switzerland behind Zurich, which is fifth among the most innovative regions in Europe. Therefore, Ticino is at the forefront at the European level, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Regional Innovation System (RIS) and the Canton's economic initiatives to promote innovation in the local area.


About the European Innovation Scoreboard

The European Innovation Scoreboard was first published in 2001. It compares the innovation performance of EU countries, other European countries, and neighboring regions, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their national innovation systems.

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