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Dario Corica

Head of sector

Innovation support for SME

Initial situation analysis, searching for solutions and support with the implementation of initiatives: this is how we help SMEs that want to innovate through applied research projects. All in a neutral, confidential, transparent and free of charge way.

Initial assessment

In an initial meeting with the company, either at your premises or at our offices, we will take the time to listen to you, to understand your needs, problems, ideas and intentions. Once we understand your particular situation, we will talk you through the conditions and tools available for SMEs at regional, national and European level to support business innovation projects.

Finding solutions

Once your needs have been identified, we provide you with a range of tools and contacts from our network that may help you to reach your goal.

Are you looking for funding for your project?

Are you searching for an academic research partner who can develop your project idea?

Do you need to know if your idea is innovative and patentable?

Do you need an industry partner who can complement your skills?

We help you to answer these questions as well as those more specific to your company or project.

Support in defining Innosuisse projects

If your SME and your project meet the admission criteria for Innosuisse – the Swiss innovation promotion agency – we will be happy to support you as an Innosuisse-accredited mentor.

Assisted patent search service

Is your idea or invention innovative and patentable? Find out with the help of an expert in this field.

The assisted patent search can be carried out directly from the Manno Technopole, with support from an Agire Foundation member of staff and an expert from the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI), via video conference call. This means that local companies, or whoever requires it, no longer need to travel to Bern, saving both time and money. The service costs CHF 300 for up to four hours of assisted research. It is aimed at all potential stakeholders such as businesses, university researchers, independent inventors and start-ups.

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