Regional Innovation System


It is the complex, multi-faceted innovation system that was created with the aim of networking and making the most of all of the skills available in the region, from academic institutions to companies, from trade associations to all of the relevant specialist bodies. Ticino is one of the six Regional Innovation Systems (RIS) recognised and supported by the Swiss Confederation.

Ticino focuses on innovation

The measures brought in by the canton to support SMEs are specifically set out to strengthen framework conditions, through the Regional Economic Policy (politica economica regionale [NPR]), on the one hand, and to encourage individual innovative business projects, through the Law on Economic Innovation (Legge per l’innovazione economica [LInn]), on the other. Some examples of this integrated approach are the measures dedicated to innovative start-ups (to which tax measures have also been added), the work of the Agire Foundation, technology and knowledge transfer activities (trasferimento tecnologico e del sapere [TTS]), and, in addition, the Ticino Technopole project, an ecosystem where start-ups can grow.

The Innovation Portal

The Innovation and Business Portal provides a comprehensive overview of what is offered. The Regional Innovation Systems, along with their constituent partners, deal with training and research, information and raising awareness, preliminary analysis, creating networks, technology transfer, intellectual property, incubators and technopoles, coaching and, last but not least, financing innovative business projects.

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RIS Calendar

To help spread information on innovation issues and to strengthen synergies between the different actors in the system, we have created a calendar of RIS events where you can see at a glance all of the relevant events you might want to attend.

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