Innovation Park Ticino

Lorenzo Ambrosini

Head of project

Objectives of the Innovation Park Ticino

To create the ideal conditions for generating innovation by making the most of the academic excellence that is available in the region

To support the emergence of dynamics and collaborations between companies and academic institutions

To access public subsidies and private funding for innovative research projects

To secure a return for the region in the form of highly skilled jobs and economic drivers

The Innovation Park’s framework is represented by Competence Centers (CC), which are also defined in the canton’s economic development policy strategy. Three CCs – Life Sciences, Drones and ICT Blockchain – are at an advanced stage of development, while other initiatives are being developed with future potential in mind. Physical sites will be created for companies, containing offices, laboratories, machinery and open spaces for testing.

The project is managed by the Agire Foundation on behalf of the State Council. It is overseen by a steering committee (made up of members of the Agire board of trustees) with input from Agire’s advisory board. USI University and SUPSI are among the promoters of the Innovation Park Ticino and support the project, along with many other companies in the region.

Application to Switzerland Innovation

Switzerland Innovation is a federal initiative which sets out to strengthen Switzerland’s global position as a country of innovation, in order to attract companies from abroad to locate in Switzerland. It is made up of various Innovation Parks spread out across the country. Ticino has applied to be associated with the existing site in Zurich, with a view to creating synergies and strengthening the north-south economic axis. Switzerland Innovation’s Board of Trustees accepted the application on November 25, 2020. The Innovation Park Ticino is currently in the implementation phase.

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